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The Criminal Law Association of Venice was founded in 1979 and its registered office is in the Criminal Court of Venice.

This association has in its founding principles the protection of fundamental rights, the spirit of fellowship, the vocational training and foster the growth of young lawyers, the respect of the dignity of the lawyers role in the society.

As part of the Union of the Italian Criminal Law Associations (UCPI), the Criminal Law Association of Venice contributed to the historical reform of art. 111 of the Italian Constitution approved in 1999 and to the first draft of the law on defensive investigations in 2000; the association has also always supported the need for separate career paths for prosecutors and judges in order to guarantee the right to a fair trial.

The Criminal Law Association of Venice aims at defending and promoting civil rights, both fundamental rights and during a criminal proceeding. This activity hopes to patiently build a number of reforms that inspire liberal-democratic cultural principles leading the path for a progressive civilized developement of our country towards a mature democracy.

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